Ein sehr interessanter Beitrag in englisch zu Starseeds die sich dem Arcturus verbunden fühlen.

Arcturus oder Arktur ist der Hauptstern im Bärenhüter, einem auffälligen Sternbild am Frühlingshimmel. Arktur ist der hellste Stern des Nordhimmels und der dritthellste am gesamten Sternhimmel. Nur Sirius und der aus Mitteleuropa nicht sichtbare Canopus strahlen heller, gehören aber zum Südhimmel. Wikipedia

Arcturian Soul Types

Arcturian starseeds, I have done some smaller articles on this subject but now is the time to really persist on it. Arcturians are perfectionists to the core. They have a stubborn way of doing things, only because they know in their own minds that they have the right way of doing things. This is something shared with the Ophiuchians. It isn’t that they don’t see where others are coming from, it is just that they see a another way around stuff in life. They are very creative in writing, researching, and find a number of subjects at once, interesting. You would find an Arcturian to be stern and strict in their opinions. They are not the type to be persuaded away from their opinions. They seem to just see things in a way that others don’t. They can easily be rubbed the wrong way immediately if someone is not on their level of intellect, or under their moral code. They have very high morals, and standards. Sometimes, they can prove to be a bit overly judgmental, but the funny thing is, they do not mean it to be hurtful. They aren’t trying to be judgmental in reality. The see right through people, even if others can’t. They tell it how it is, without sugar coating things or walking on eggshells. Arcturians hold a lot inside. They try to appear emotionless in front of others, and that nothing bothers them, but in reality a lot of things bother them. They way people act, mistakes people can make, how others treat one another, people who do not care about respect, and people who take others for granted. Those are things that Arcturians can not stand. Very similar to the Ophiuchians too.
They also will not believe in anything until they have picked it apart and researched it. If there are not alot of supporting facts to something, they will immediately get rid of the idea. These souls are very strong, and seem to be a brick wall in front of people, but they are very sensitive to the environment. They try to fix others who are in trouble or living wrong, and put a lot of stress on themselves. They want the world to be full of respect, and integrity, and if in a place where those things are non-existent in their own personal lives, they will feel overwhelmed, and withdraw. They have to have time alone to re-center their thoughts or they are like a ticking time bomb ready to explode. They often release frustrations by reading, studying, and writing.  With this race of souls, you find that they like to explore different cultures, and religions, and will be a know it all, when they speak with others. They will be very assertive when discussing important topics, and can shut any one down in a debate. They have strong points in conversations, and are great at teaching but have to have the right students. They do well in teaching people who are seeking a higher understanding, because their thoughts are too advanced for this environment that they have a hard time putting it into layman’s terms.
They enjoy being at home, reading, or looking stuff up online. Or you will find them watching something non-fiction like a documentary, or talking with relatives about enlightening topics. They have a deep interest in the history of this world, but mainly, ancient history of when their people came to Earth. Their topics of interest would be more along the lines of Atlantis, Sumeria, and Egypt. They hate disorder, and like being organized, and having everything arranged in perfect position. They may even become upset if something is not where they left it. Some of them have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as a result of it. They have an unusual sense of humor, and laugh at things others may not always think of as being funny. They also do not know how to cope with loss or serious illness and will accidentally giggle when someone says they are ill, or act totally uncaring about it, when in fact it hurts and disturbs them. It’s a nervous laugh, that many confuse with being heartless. They are actually quite loving. They would do anything for anyone, and are a bit passive in that aspect. They have a hard time saying no to favors, where in other areas of their lives, they are strong and stubborn. They attract dysfunctional people as projects to save or fix, and sometimes it backfires on them when the project becomes overwhelming once the person isn’t ready for change.
Arcturians are highly empathic, and the nature of this atmosphere greatly affects their vibration giving them several moods in a day that medical fields would label as bi-polar, but it is in fact just a result of absorbing the energy in the atmosphere around them. They are quiet people, with a mind full of philosophies and wisdom, that they obtain through studying and pondering over what they studied to give it a whole new meaning that makes more sense. They are bright souls, some even smarter than scientists with degrees at times. The truth is, they do like life on earth, and feel very repelled by the lack of morals and respect going on today. However, they came here to help fix it, and strive so hard to do so. Their wisdom surpasses all of the star seeds, because they were the first to be trained by the angels, and spread the wisdom abroad in the stars to others who then spread the message as well. It was a chain teaching. They are all about love, and are generous, loving, kind, and understanding people, who have no flaws really other than they are hard headed at times, but that is because they know more than some. They are Arcturian after all.
Arcturians are highly intelligent beings, who value creation, and work with energy on all levels even if they do not know it. They absorb it, direct it, and obtain information from it, without knowing they are doing so. They see through people, and know when negativity has occurred somewhere. They are also masters at disguise and can blend in with any crowd as well as become invisible and unseen to others if they want to.That means all they have to do is wish to go unseen, and people will not recognize them. That is a common trait among angels and Pleiadians too. Arcturians have also a distaste for violence. It really bothers them, so they will not watch the news much. They are all about divine love. You will never meet an Arcturian who isn’t about love. If someone is mean, competitive, and jealous, and claims to be a Pleiadian, Arcturian, or Angel, then they are a flat out liar. It is impossible for beings who were the first teachers after the Angels, of Universal Love, to be anything other than that. They do not go outdoors too much. Instead, you find them in museums, Aquariums, and Science buildings, out of their love for history and technological sciences. they love nature, but do not like the bugs, and stickiness of the climate. That is another thing. True Arcturian souls do not like to be in the cold. They only like warm temperatures like 65-75 degrees. They are not really heat people either. I think that from working with the Arcturians personally, that they are by far one of the most complex soul groups out there.  They are hard to figure out and more than likely they seem mysterious to people from afar. Those who are close to them will also find that they are harder to figure out in mentality and emotional structures. Arcturians are truly indeed highly advanced which makes them a bit rough around the edges while being incarnated here.
Please keep in mind that not all people of an Arcturian origin will have the same traits. That is a common misconception that souls from different star systems will have specific traits and characteristics. there are other factors that contribute to who a soul will be like. Their soul genealogy, their cosmic consciousness, their astrological energies, and the genetic traits from their human parents, will all mold together the consciousness, as well as experiences and lessons learned. So, you can never base your soul origin on these traits. They are just an idea. You will need a soul reading to really be able to tell.

Starseeds and Angelics

read more: http://starseedchildren.blogspot.com/2015/05/arcturian-soul-types.html

The Arcturian’s are the ones‘ who taught all of the star systems to become more advanced. They first started with the Martian Star System which was greatly advanced by the time they were finished learning everything there was to know from the Arcturians. Then the Artucrians went to the Pleiades. The people of Pleiades were already advanced in their consciousness and when the Arcturians came, it became even more advanced then the Arcturians themselves, which is why many believe the Pleiadians were the ones who began this entire journey.
The consciousness itself that they were teaching was to deny the aspect of self, and embrace all as a whole, harnessing the energy from one another and using it to make one large mass of consciousness capable of creating bigger, better things, including realities and dimensions themselves. When I say that many of these star systems were already advanced before the Arcturians got to them, I am talking about having telepathic abilities, higher advanced technology, and extreme psychic abilities. They already had a sense of enlightenment. It was only when the Arcturians taught them to forget the self, and ban together with their power, that they became God-Like.
The leaders of Arcturus were Angels who manifested themselves into the reality in order to teach this people the secrets of the Universe. They made up some of the High Counsel there. The Arcturian People  revered them.  The Angels wanted the same sacred wisdom of the Universe to be spread through out all star systems and peoples. They decided to teach the Arcturian People how to take their energy and send it to live in other planets. Earth’s vibration was pretty high to begin with at the beginning so it was easy for them to just come here and build new civilizations. They joined together with some of the other peoples through out the Universe to come to Earth on this mission, creating the Highly advanced civilizations of our ancient past. Atlantis, Egypt,Sumeria etc. However, there were other Angelics who had a different agenda. They want to rule over the peoples as Lords and get all recognition for themselves, so they followed the Angels, and Arcturians and others through out their journey through the cosmos making alliances of their own. These Fallen Angels influenced the Reptilian Races, and Greys into working with them. They also infiltrated the Martians. All of these beings, the Martians, Reptilians, and Greys also came to Earth and started to interfere in the happy lives of the people in the Civilizations here on Earth, and also through out the Star systems. Dropping their spies into these places all over. That is why we have reptilian races all through out the Universe. They are all working towards Universal Domination by imprisoning the beings on their very own planets by lowering the vibrations and consciousness.
The Angels who wanted the very best for everyone left Earth and went back to the celestial world, to wait for instruction on when to fight back. The other races also left which explains why those civilizations were left looking abandoned and the people erased from time. The Fallen Angels and their allies had won for the time being. Earth’s vibration had been brought down so low, that the Angels, and Star People could no longer visit in their regular forms. The only way to get back to Earth would be to transport themselves back here as a soul being born into the human bodies which could withstand this very dense vibration.
At the appointed time, they started sending themselves to be born here, in order to raise the consciousness and vibrations again. We are born with the same high IQ, the same power over Energy, and the same psychic telepathic abilities in order to do this. Many of the others are born forgetting, as the memory of their former lives is knocked out of them by the grid built around the Earth by these fallen angels and other beings, and some still have their memories. Either way, the mission will be completed.
The Angels and Starseeds have been incarnating here for a long time, and many of them scheduled to start their awakening process in 2012, when the gate would be opened as the planets aligned once more. The Planetary alignment created a wormhole or portal for this etheric energy to slingshot to Earth for all of those without their memories to start the search to get them back. That is why many are seeking. The Arcturians, and Pleiadians, are helping the Angels to lead the way once more, but we have many of the others who have  come here to assist. The Sirians  had sworn to never return to Earth again, due to ugliness bestowed upon them during their first visit, But they knew the deep need for their assistance, and put their feelings to the side, and joined us with the Venusians, Apollonians, Vegans, Minatakens, and the many feline races, who have come to help the human souls to ascend and finally get out of here. Everyone will get to go home to a better place, and the 3rd and 4th dimensions will become a prison to those who tried to dominate everyone.
I will be doing articles on the teachings of the different Starseeds and Angelic races through out this blog. Love and Light to each and everyone of you, because if you reading this, it is because you are one of us, and whether Angelic, or Starseed, we are family.
If you seeking memories of home, or your origins, I can read the journey of your soul for you and your mission.Soul Origins, and Memories Reading

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Alfred Georg Braun

In dir steckt viel mehr als du bisher zugelassen hast. Bist du bereit ab jetzt mehr zuzulassen ? Meine Aufgabe ist es dich mit deiner eigenen Quelle in Verbindung zu bringen und dir so den Zugang zu unendlichem Wissen zu eröffnen. Dich zu ermächtigen zu wissen dass du schon immer weißt. Es ist ein Prozess der schrittweise vorangeht indem du deine eigene Schwingung immer weiter anhebst ( folge immer deiner Freude und Passion ) bis sich der Schleier, den jeder nach der Geburt in die 3. Dimension erhalten hat, nach und nach ganz auflößt. Der Schleier der die eigenen Verbindung, zur Quelle und zur unendlichen Weißheit scheinbar trennt, verschwindet gänzlich und du erwachst zum vollen Potential deines multidimensionalen Wesens.